Laboratory of Risk Analysis – LARA

Directors: Adelaide Cassia Nardocci e Maria Tereza Pepe Razzolini

The LARA set available resources for quantitative studies in exposure and risk asessment, probabilistic risk analysis, GIS and spatial analysis, prediction of environmental behavior and acute and chronic toxicity of hazardous chemicals.

Laboratory of Environmental Biology – LBA

Directors: Maria Tereza Pepe Razzolini e José Luiz Negrão Mucci

The Laboratory of Environmental Biology (LBA) has infrastructure for conducting research in environmental microbiology and parasitology The laboratory has equipment such as biological safety cabinets, autoclaves, epifluorescence microscope, centrifuge, homogenizer solid , refrigerator and freezer, bacteriological incubators including homogenization platform, the washing station to perform the EPA 1623.1 method to determine Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The laboratory also has materials for conducting water sampling, sewage sludge, sewage, among other environmental matrices. The laboratory analysts are experienced in the implementation of all activities and present technical expertise the implementation of new techniques.


Laboratory of Human Exposure to Environmental Contaminants (LEHCA)

Directors: Kelly Polido Kaneshiro Olympio e Adelaide Cassia Nardocci

The LEHCA conduct studies on human exposure to environmental contaminants, such biomarkers, neurological and behavioral damage in individuals exposed to lead and other metals or emerging contaminants. Evaluation of risk exposure factors, concentrations of various metals and chemicals in blood and other tissues for occupational or environmental exposure.