NUPENS/USP is an integration body of the University of São Paulo created in 1990 with the purpose of stimulating and developing population research in nutrition and health. The group is composed of professors and researchers from the Faculty of Public Health, other units of the University and other academic institutions in the country, as well as masters, doctoral students and scholarship interns.

Among the objectives of NUPENS are the development of applicable diagnostic methods and population surveys in nutrition and health, the analysis of temporal trends in indicators, the study of the causality of health-disease processes, the formulation of interventions and the evaluation of the effectiveness of services and Software.

NUPENS ‘research interests remain the same as those that guided its creation proposal in 1990. In essence:

1. Develop methodological alternatives that guide and facilitate the accomplishment of populational researches in nutrition and health, as well as the implementation of systems to identify temporal tendencies.

2. To elaborate and test analytical models concerning the epidemiology of nutritional and health problems, applying them in particular to the study of the interdependence relations between nutrition and health.

3. Formulate interventions and proposals for evaluating effectiveness that fit the epidemiology of the problems studied and the reality of the organization of programs and services.