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Graduate Program (strictu sensu)

Faculty of Public Health

Scholarship and financial aid
Graduate Program students can apply for scholarships and financial aid to fund their studies by means of the research funding agencies of the federal and state governments, besides USP support mechanisms.


Funding agencies:

Visit the Provost Office for Graduate Studies and Provost Office for Research sites.
Also, check the PROAP financial aid regulation and criteria for granting institutional scholarships through the allotment of each FSP Graduate Program.


USP – International Relations Office
The International Relations Office of the USP (VRERI) , besides providing opportunities for students’ and faculty members’ mobility, is in charge of fostering international academic cooperation and for disseminating information about programs and international cooperation initiatives, among other incumbencies.


International Relations – FSP-USP
The International Relations Committee of the FSP-USP (CRInt), among other attributions, accounts for guiding and promoting the celebration of academic and research agreements in the ambit of the Faculty, and for seeking financing resources for internationalization actions.


The USP Integrated Library System (SIBIUSP) provides support to teaching, research and extension activities of faculty members, researchers and students in the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs of the University. SIBiUSP integrates 43 libraries of the different faculties, distributed in six university campi, with a total collection of over 6 million volumes. Its portal, SibiNet, allows direct consultation to the libraries collections, composed of theses and dissertations, database of foreign publications, among others.


FSP-USP Library
The Faculty of Public Health library is a world reference center in the area, counting on a vast collection of titles and volumes, with about 3 thousand periodicals, access to the main national and international databases. It belongs to the USP Integrated Library System and to the CRUESP (USP, UNESP and UNICAMP) consortium, which allows innumerable research possibilities to students and faculty members.


USP Social Assistance Office (SAS)
Formerly COSEAS, SAS mission is to provide food services, day nursery and social benefits to support students’ stay. Also see the services rendered by the University Hospital.


USP Sports Center
CEPEUSP provides the university community with infrastructure and activities for practising sports and recreation.


Cultural and extension activities
See this site.

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